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Yes, I am alive. No, all of my things are not deleted - just in storage. No, I have not "left", or am I planning to leave this website. It's just... a lot of things have been on my mind as of late and a lot of things have been happening to me.  Not necessary bad things, but just a lot of time consuming things and things that make me question my sanity. Heck - I graduate High school in 3 weeks, and anyone who has graduated or is about to graduate can understand how busy and partly stressful that can get. Pile that on top of a job, schoolwork, social life and other things and it just gets to be overwhelming. I know this makes me sound like every teenager ever who experiences rough patches here and there, but this is not the case. This didn't happen over night, or over the last few months - This has been building up for the last three years and it's time that I stop ignoring it. 

I plan on explaining myself in full detail sometime in the approaching summertime. I promise all of your questions and concerns will be answered soon, I just need more time. Now, in the past I know I have said "this" and "that" and then came back for maybe a month or two and then disappeared off the face of this planet earth, but this time, that won't be the case - and I'm serious. I know I've disappointed many of you by doing that, and I just cannot allow myself to do that again. 

I'll be online until the evening hours if you want to chat, as me a question(s) or just whatever. I might seem a little vague with my responses, but that's because I don't want to have to re-explain myself over and over again to different people. I'm saving the "big spill" for later. 

Also, if I've sent you a note within the past year randomly rambling over some topics that are to say in the least formal way, questionable , please, please ignore them. Like, seriously. They were hideous, and I wasn't in the right mind-set when I sent them so just, delete them if you have not already. Just thinking about them makes me cringe.


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